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Who we are

When we say that we empower small businesses, we take it personal. As a small business, we understand the critical pain points. One of them is having the ability to keep up with your incoming phone calls. We are passionate about this, and work towards perfecting our processes to make your business successful. We are a fully remote team, located across the world, and are committed to our core values of empathy, understanding, and learning.

How we got started

Back in 2015, we started a design agency. Fortunately for us, we had a lot of business. Unfortunately for us, we couldn't keep track of the incoming calls. We thought that there had to be a better way. So, we contacted another live answering service. As we learned, it quickly became an out of control cost that we couldn't contain. We didn't have any integrations, or ability to keep track of how we could call them back. So we decided to build our own, and this is the product: a concept made from our struggles, that we can now offer the world, and make their lives easier as well.


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Our core values



We are committed to our core values.  The first is transparency.  We strive to be 100% transparent with our clients, and be upfront and honest.  Because that is how we would like to be treated.



The age old sentiment of ‘who you are when nobody is looking’ rings true here, and we strive to do our jobs with transparency and integrity at all times.



It is our responsibility to ensure that your calls are answered on time, and with great care for each of your customers.  You are trusting us with your phone calls, and we take that as a big responsibility in everything we do.

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